Jays A One

Jays A One: Good wired earphones with remote control

Jays is a Swedish company which is into producing consumer audio products like headphones, speakers etc. We review the Jays A-One earphones by them.

Jays A One with flat cable

Design & build quality

Jays a-one is lightweight. This earphone has one of the best build quality in its segment and price range. The cables are flat, tangle-free and seem very durable. There is a small panel with 3 buttons and a mic, with a light yellow/gold colour on the sides which adds to the overall design of the earphones.

Comfort & controls

Jays a-one buds are compact and can easily slot inside ears of any size. There are 3 earbud sizes to choose from. The bud with the best fit gives you better sound. The buttons act as a good control system for audio and calls. The top and bottom buttons are for increasing and decreasing volume. The middle button is multi-functional and can play/pause music, activate assistants, skip tracks etc.

Sound quality

Jays a-one being a consumer-focused product, it shows. There is a bit more emphasis on the lows, but not as much as some of the other earphones that you would get in this price range. The sound tilts more towards having a warm sound signature as opposed to unnecessary bass. So, this would not appeal to you if you were looking for “extra bass”. The sound quality on these earphones is quite good, but the soundstage is not wide and sometimes you might feel that bass is a bit lacking.

Price & Verdict

Jays a-one is available at around ₹ 2,000. At this price point, it offers quite a few things. Sturdy build, flat and tangle-free cable, remote control. And the sound is good too when you consider the price you get it for. Overall, a good value for money product.


  • Sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Flat, tangle-free cable
  • Remote control, mic


  • Narrow soundstage
  • Bass can be lacking at times

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